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To address the ClimateTech scale-up funding gap, NEC has founded Brigantia Capital

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The UK ClimateTech funding gap in estimated to be £4BN p.a.

Scale-up investment is a value-limiting problem for the whole of the UK and to tackle this problem in a more systematic and scaleable way, NEC is building the UK's first specialist ClimateTech scale-up investment company.

Brigantia Capital is a profit with purpose investment company
that will deliver much needed scale-up finance to world leading British climate technology companies. The movement to net zero is good business, and we will invest in exciting companies that exploit this and have outstanding growth potential. We work across the whole of the UK, and especially the industrial regions with lower costs and a strong talent base.

With Brigantia, we look for businesses with exceptional management, but which may or may not be EBITDA positive and requiring investment of between £10M and £50M to scale up operations. We aim to lead the UK’s response to the challenge of raising scale-up funding for ClimateTech, enabling our investee businesses to grow in line with their immediate and long-term potential.

Spun-out of NEC and with over 100 years experience, we know the transformative value of ClimateTech scale-ups. Team members have personally been CEOs, raised capital for, founded and invested in many of the UK’s leading ClimateTech businesses. We understand the technology, markets, investors, challenges and the scale-up journey faced by businesses that are capital intensive but already making an impact in the market.

Our investees will tackle climate change and benefit local economic development. Brigantia is headquartered in Teesside, rapidly emerging as the UK’s centre for industrial
decarbonisation. With its national reach, Brigantia will invest in outstanding British ClimateTech businesses.

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